Happy Africa Day

On behalf of Africa Business Initiative UNION and myself personally let me express our Highest Consideration and respect and have the honor of congratulating all people of the African continent with Africa Day!

We would like to emphasize that this holiday symbolizes the desire for independence, peace and prosperity, unity and mutual assistance of all peoples of the continent.

African states are confidently moving along the path of socio-economic, scientific and technical development, playing an increasingly important role not only on the Russian-African agenda, but also in resolving pressing issues of international cooperation.

We see that within the framework of the African Union and other regional and sub-regional organizations, multilateral cooperation in various fields is expanding, mutually beneficial integration processes are being promoted, and significant social and economic projects are being implemented.

We, as the Africa Business Initiative UNION, fully support the efforts of our African partners and are open to fruitful cooperation and interaction aimed at the successful development of our countries.

We wish wealth, prosperity, peace and stability to African countries. ABI UNION expresses confidence in our future partnership, based on endless trust and aimed at the sustainable development of all mankind.

Kind regards,

Chair of the Board

Africa Business Initiative UNION

Nataliya H. Zaiser

  25 May 2020