Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin summed up the results of the Summit and the Economic Forum: "The first Russia-Africa summit has ended. Taking stock of the two days of its work, we can tell right away that this event opened a new page in Russia’s relations with the states of the African continent. The meeting was businesslike but at that the time very friendly, if not sincere, which created a special atmosphere of our discussions.

The results of the joint work are reflected in the final declaration. This document sets goals and objectives for the further development of Russian-African cooperation in all its dimensions: in the political, security, economic, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian spheres "

The final Declaration will become the fundamental document on the basis of which the interaction between Russia and African countries will be built.

In turn, the African Business Initiative UNION, relying on paragraph 10 of this final Declaration which states: "To expand interpersonal contacts between Russia and African states, using the opportunities of non-governmental organizations and various forums, including youth," will build fruitful interaction and cooperation with African countries.

African Business Initiative UNION is ready to expand, strengthen and give concrete substance to the dialogue with African countries, both on international issues and on various aspects of bilateral relations, including those related to the development of equitable and mutually advantageous cooperation at the federal and regional levels. Our country successfully implements programs of cultural, humanitarian and economic cooperation with various African countries, which include links in the fields of education, science, culture, business, trade relations, etc. Effective initiation of political and economic dialogue between the regions of the Russian Federation and African countries involves the organization and holding of annual Russian-African events at the federal and regional levels. The outcome of these events should be events / projects / steps that will testify to Russia’s targeted, effective, and “innovative” approach to cooperation with African partners.

  28 October 2019