The foreign policy situation of recent years has left a serious impact on all forms of international interpersonal interaction.

25 May 2020

Happy Africa Day

On behalf of Africa Business Initiative UNION and myself personally let me express our Highest Consideration and respect and have the honor of congratulating all people of the African continent with Africa Day!

Africa – Russia+: achievements, problems and prospects
Joint report by RIAC and Africa Business Initiative Union № 53/2020
The joint report by Russian International Affairs Council and Africa Business Initiative Union provides an analysis of opportunities for building a multilateral system of cooperation of Russia and the world Powers with the African Community based on respect for sovereignty and non-interference in the internal affairs of African States.

A press conference on the development of Russian-African relations

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin summed up the results of the Summit and the Economic Forum: "The first Russia-Africa summit has ended. Taking stock of the two days of its work, we can tell right away that this event opened a new page in Russia’s relations with the states of the African continent. The meeting was businesslike but at that the time very friendly, if not sincere, which created a special atmosphere of our discussions.

The results of the joint work are reflected in the final declaration. This document sets goals and objectives for the further development of Russian-African cooperation in all its dimensions: in the political, security, economic, scientific, technical, cultural and humanitarian spheres "

On October 23rd, on the margins of the Russia-Africa summit, a session of EAEU - Africa was held: trends and prospects for the development of integration processes and cooperation, moderated by Ms. Nataliya Zaiser, Chair of the Board of the African Business Initiative UNION.

25 мая в рамках ПМЭФ 2018 состоялся бизнес-диалог «Африка-Россия», посвященный экономическому и инвестиционному развитию африканского континента.